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Famous Ribs


For the Smoker

1/8-1/4 Bag of Cowboy All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal (Can use indirect method on a gas grill as well)

2 2 in square chunks of wood (Cherry or Pecan or one of each) or 1 hand full of chips

For the Ribs

2 Racks St Louis Cut Smithfield Extra Tender Ribs

2 Dashes of Vegetable Oil for brushing on ribs

½ Cup of Your own Homemade Rub or Blues Hog Sweet and Savory BBQ Rub

2 sticks of Salted Butter, melted

½ cup Light Brown Sugar, divided into 1/4 c for each rack.

1 pt of BBQ Sauce either homemade or your favorite store bought, divided.

1. Place ribs on a baking sheet and lightly brush oil the tops and bottoms with oil.

2. Starting meat side down, dust the ribs with rub. Flip the ribs meat side up and dust the ribs again. Let them sit for 1 hr.

3. Prepare your smoker or grill using cherry and pecan wood chunks or chips Place ribs, meat side up, on grill grate. Maintaining a temperature 300°. Rotate the ribs 1/3 turn every 20 minutes for 1 hr & 20 min. After, flip the ribs meat side down and cook for another 20 minutes.

4. Remove ribs from grill; transfer each rack to 2 large stacked sheets of foil. Drizzle 1 stick of melted butter, more rub and ¼ c brown sugar, evenly over both sides of ribs; position ribs meat side down and close foil around ribs.

5. Return to grill and cook for 1 hour. When the ribs are done a small knife or carving fork should slide easily in and out of the meat.

6. Take the ribs off the cooker, uncover and pour out the liquid. Brush the bottom (bone side) of the racks with bbq sauce. Flip the ribs out of the foil onto the grill grate and brush the tops with bbq sauce. Return ribs to grill and for 15 minutes. Cut and serve with the remaining sauce.

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